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 · Hotels in Emilia-Romagna that offer highly-rated breakfasts include Cà del grano, Hotel Aurea, and Relais La Colombara Spa & Wellness. Breakfast at these hotels in Emilia-Romagna are also highly-rated: Hotel La Conchiglia, You & Me Beach Hotel, and Hotel Atis. Emilia-Romagna, regione, north-central Italy. It comprises the provincie of Bologna, Ferrara, Forlì, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Ravenna, Reggio nell’Emilia, and Rimini. The region extends from the Adriatic Sea (east) almost across the peninsula between . Safe holidays #inEmiliaRomagna. Safe holidays #inEmiliaRomagna. Emilia Romagna has implemented many precautionary measures related to Coronavirus concerning hotel and non-hotel accommodation facilities, bathing establishments, restaurants, museums, spas, parks and gardens and much more.. Our tour operators have worked with commitment and in collaboration with the institutions and the .  · Emilia-Romagna is a region in Northern Italy that extends inland westward from the Adriatic coast.. Regions []. It is divided into 9 Provinces Piacenza (province) Parma (province) Reggio Emilia (province) Modena (province) Bologna (province)Capital: Bologna. Emilia Romagna lies between the River Po to its north and the Apennine Mountains (to its south).It is one of the most fertile and productive regions of Italy, thanks to the mitigating effect that the Adriatic Sea has on the coastal climate. The diversity between the mountains and sea offers visitors to Emilia Romagna breathtaking views, in addition to beauty for both the eyes and spirit, with. Эми́лия-Рома́нья (итал. Emilia-Romagna, эмил.-ром. Emégglia-Rumâgna) — административная область (регион Адм. центр: Болонья. Sanità territoriale, con le Case della salute in Emilia-Romagna calano accessi al Pronto soccorso (%) e ricoveri ospedalieri (-4,5%) in regione (erano 42 nel ). Oltre 2,4 milioni di cittadini il bacino di utenza, più della metà degli emiliano-romagnoli. The main river in the region is the wildhorseandheritagedays.com highest mountain in the region is Monte Cimone, in the northern Apennines, with an altitude of 2, m (7, ft).. Provinces. Emilia-Romagna has nine provinces grouped in two historical regions. Emilia, with the provinces Ferrara, Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and part of Bologna.; Romagna, with the provinces Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna, . Emilia-Romagna synonyms, Emilia-Romagna pronunciation, Emilia-Romagna translation, English dictionary definition of Emilia-Romagna. A region of northern Italy bordering on the Adriatic Sea. Named for the Aemilian Way, a Roman road laid out in bc that connected Piacenza with Rimini. 14/10/ · Emilia-Romagna is a region of gentle hills between the River Po and the Appennines, sloping gently down to the Adriatic in the east. As elsewhere in the Po Basin, intensive agriculture is pursued alongside small and medium industry. During the summer months the miles and miles of sandy beaches on the Adriatic coast are a mecca for Italian tourists, and are also particularly popular with . Geografia. Ing Emilia-Romagna atin yang siyam a lalawigan: Bologna; Ferrara; Forlì-Cesena; Modena; Parma; Piacenza; Ravenna; Reggio Emilia; Rimini; Ding balen ning Emilia-Romagna a mika populasyun a 50, o kaya maiggit.